Censorship’s Air-Tight Motive … STEM Education

Herding our sheep into their future-certain … STEM!

Keeping In Our STEM Cattle

With scientific understanding and innovation increasingly central to solving 21st-century problems, this loss of talent is something society can ill afford.

Censorship To Save The Future

Each year, hundreds of thousands of college students take introductory calculus. But only a fraction ultimately complete a STEM degree.

The Gospel Of STEM

Companies like Google, Apple and Intel offer some of California’s most cutting-edge — and highest-paying — jobs. Last year, those three companies alone brought in more than 10,000 people from other countries to take those jobs.

“The true purpose of education is to make minds, not careers.” — Chris Hedges

“The purpose of education, finally, is to create in a person the ability to look at the world for himself, to make his own decisions.” — James Baldwin

“The purpose of education is to make the choices clear to people, not to make the choices for people.” — Peter McWilliams

“[shook] up Women’s History Month with a new Women’s Futures Month: a forward-looking celebration of the power of women and girls in STEM to shape a better world. … [This celebration includes] 120 life-size 3D-printed statues** … a diverse coalition of contemporary women STEM innovators and role models leading a variety of fields, from protecting wildlife, discovering galaxies, building YouTube’s platform, to trying to cure cancer.”

STEM’S X-Out Education

The fact is that elite schools have strong incentives not to produce too many seekers and thinkers, too many poets, teachers, ministers, public-interest lawyers, nonprofit workers, or even professors — too much selflessness, creativity, intellectuality, or idealism. The most prestigious institutions do provide an abundance of academic, artistic and moral opportunities, if only because they have the financial means to do so. But at the same time, colleges and universities do nothing to suggest that some ways of using your education are better than others. They do nothing, in other words, to challenge the values of a society that equates dignity, and happiness with material success. Nor do they do much to help kids find their way to alternative careers.

Censorship Of Education Vs. Freedom Of Education




Social media expert, higher education advocate, writer, Founding Fathers fan, lawyer in a past life

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Travis Burchart

Travis Burchart

Social media expert, higher education advocate, writer, Founding Fathers fan, lawyer in a past life

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