Student-Fans, Like Student-Athletes, Are College “Employees” … That Is, If We Value “Fairness”

Student “Employees” Under The NLRB

● First, it’s not just the athletes generating revenue … it’s the full game-day experience,[8] including the student-band, the student-cheerleaders, and the student-fans (who are all excluded from Abruzzo’s observation).

● Also, “tens of millions” is a myth for many universities: e.g., 2021’s UConn vs. Middle Tennessee football game, which had an attendance of 10,698, leaving nearly 30K seats empty.

● And “positive impact on … reputation” takes a big hit when you consider many college football teams are mocked for poor performance. For years, media-giant ESPN has mocked college teams and athletes with its weekly (and cruel) “Bottom 10” standings.

College Students & TV Revenue

“For The Win” … More Than Just College Athletes

Merchandising & Brands: The Impact Of Student-Fans

No “Fairness” If Student-Fans Aren’t “Getting” Something



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Travis Burchart

Travis Burchart


Social media expert, higher education advocate, writer, Founding Fathers fan, lawyer in a past life